The Hobby King T6A/Fly Sky FS-CT6B transmitter is a real hassle to program. The radio is an amazing value which is why we use it but it took a while for us to master it. Programming is necessary to get elevon mixing working.

Here are some links to resources for working with the radio.

  • 3rd Party software and some instructions. People seem to like it.
  • A thread on rcgroups about the radio and how to get it working
  • A link to the configuration I use to program delta wings: HK_T6a_programming_for_the Flack. It is a binary file so save it to disk and load it into the folder that the t6config tool stores configuration files in. The above software, Digital Radio, has an import feature for this file format as well. One notable feature is that the right hand switch is now a dual rate switch, back is for low rates, less throw or Granny Mode as we call it. Forward is full rates.
  • Manual for the A version of the transmitter--I don't think there is much difference between this and the B version.

Please keep me up to date on the accuracy of the above information.


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