Welcome to the Brooklyn Aerodrome. The best introduction we can think of is a video of Kevin done by the Myth Busters folks.


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"Brooklyn Aerodrome 2.0
Story from Mashable about a fighter jet that can separate into three planes.

UK aerospace and defense contractor BAE Systems have taken the wraps off several concepts it e…"
"Craig,   Sorry about that. Fixed now.Breck"
All of the youtube videos for building the 400+ serial number Flacks are now public except the one I want to review.  10 - Building the airframe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDTGVdYPmPM&index=11&list=PL...
I would appreciate if you could m…"
The props I have that are breaking are bright orange, "Tower Pro", and they are about 10.25" long.  I'll look into the brand you described; I don't remember breaking so many props when I flew Towels before."
   Sorry to hear about the props. There is a reason we include a bunch. Is your prop a 10" or 9" prop? I have had very few prop breaks with the 9" GWS (Grand Wing Servo)  props. Hobby shops should have them. Breck"
"I have used o-rings that were between 3/4" and a 1/2" diameter. That said I use rubber bands or hair holders now days. Breck"
"I lost/broke the prop saver rubbers pretty fast.  I purchased prop saver o-rings to replace. They seem to be too small.   I a built a plane from the post 400 kit.  Can you suggest the proper size/spec for o-rings?"
Hi! It took a couple years but I just finished my Towel and took it out for a spin.  Unfortunately, I haven't mastered the hand-launch-plus-transmitter-control, and I blew through 2 of my 4 propellers in just 2 flights.  I decided maybe some…"

The Book, the Book!

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